Ashish is a Glaucoma consultant and surgeon at the Prince of Wales and Sydney Eye Hospitals, and is a Partner with Marsden Eye Specialists in Sydney.

He is a conjoint Senior Lecturer at the University of New South Wales, engaged in clinical studies and laboratory research into Glaucoma, being awarded a PhD in this field, and was Fellowship trained in Oxford.

Ashish is engaged in medical education, from undergraduate medical, optometry and orthoptic students, to registrar training and specialist teaching. He is also involved in aid projects and educational programs in South East Asia and India.

Hailing from regional NSW, Ashish is well aware of the challenges faced in accessing specialist services in the bush. Since completing his training at Prince of Wales in 2005 he has remained committed to ensuring medical eye care is not limited by geography. He works in Far Western New South Wales with the Outback Eye Service and is the Director of the Ophthalmology Service at Broken Hill Hospital.

He was on the executive of the IRIS taskforce, and is Chair of the RANZCO Indigenous Committee.

Ashish’s involvement with the ASO dates from 2009 when the Outback Eye Service was threatened by draconian cuts to public funding for Cataract surgery. As a Glaucoma subspecialist with experience in collaborative care, in 2014 he was active in ASO work to ensure medical oversight of this blinding condition was preserved.