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*Business Associates

This category is suitable for other members of the ophthalmic practice team including CEO’s, business or practice managers, orthoptists, administration staff, ophthalmic technicians and ophthalmic nurses. The principal ophthalmologist at the place of employment for practice staff wishing to register as a Business Associate must also be a member of the ASO.

In terms of practices where multiple ophthalmologists use the same practice managers, or in the case where ophthalmologists are part of a corporation, the majority of ophthalmologists within the practice must also be members of the ASO. 

Membership Criteria

An applicant for membership as either a registered ophthalmologist, or registered ophthalmology registrar, shall at the time of his/her nomination and election be registered as a medical practitioner within Australia or New Zealand and be qualified as an ophthalmologist or ophthalmology registrar by the applicable accredited College.

An applicant for membership as a retired ophthalmologist must have been registered as a medical practitioner at the time of his/her retirement, and on such conditions of admission and rights in relation to membership the Board may from time to time determine.

An applicant for membership as an Associate Member may not necessarily hold registration as a medical practitioner but be identified or defined by the Board as appropriate for Associate Membership and approved as such.

An applicant for membership as an Honorary Member may be any person of distinguished eminence in the training or practice of ophthalmology or related sciences or branches of medicine or any person who has rendered significant service to the Company. Honorary members will not be required to pay subscription fees and will hold no voting rights.