Doctors say don’t ‘manage’ our patient's care

Managed Care, a term widely connected with the great failures of the US health system, takes control and choice away from patients.

It puts healthcare decision-making in the hands of big health insurance companies for whom the main agenda is increasing profit via a reduction in outlays.

Professor Emeritus Noam Chomsky, identifies that the American healthcare system is about twice the per capita cost of comparable countries but has some of the worst outcomes. The reason, he says, is straightforward. It is privatised and it is very inefficient. There is a huge bureaucracy. And companies are interested in profit, not health (The Wire, 2016).

Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. We must protect this system now to safegaurd against US style managed care.

The ASO warns...

Corporate goals of private health insurers aimed at ensuring greater returns for shareholders and reducing insurance outlays WILL result in a conflict of interest. These goals focus heavily on locking out competition as opposed to safeguarding the provision of quality health care.

Out of Pocket Costs Expense Guide

The ASO has developed a guide 'Out of Pocket Expenses from A-Z' to assist consumers identify reasons why they may incur out-of-pocket expenses when receiving medical care.

Download the ASO out-of-pocket expenses guide here.

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