Kerry is a respected medico-political adviser and government relations expert.

He has served as Chief Executive Officer of the Australia Medical Association Queensland and as Secretary General to Australian Medical Association (Federal AMA).

Among his many achievements in these roles Kerry was instrumental in developing a legislative framework for the National Registration of medical practitioners.

He also played a vital role in securing changes to Tort Law in Queensland, allowing doctors to practice without the constant threat of frivolous and vexatious litigation and guaranteeing the delivery of complex medical procedures in Queensland hospitals.

In 2008 Kerry was awarded the Australian Medical Association President’s Award for “outstanding contribution towards fostering the objectives of the AMA”.

Kerry is a recognised builder and leader of result-focused teams, with more than 30 years’ experience as a manager of successful and respected organisations, in particular within the Australian Defence Force (ADF). He has a strong track record on selecting, developing and leading innovative teams.

Kerry has been awarded an Order of Australia medal for his efforts in the ADF.