World Ophthalmologist Day

World Ophthalmologist Day

8 August | #ThankanOphthalmologist


It’s currently a lesser-known date on the calendar, but the ASO is planning on changing this.

World Ophthalmologist Day, also known as Ophthalmologist Day or International Ophthalmology Day, is celebrated annually on August 8. It is an unofficial professional holiday for all specialists in medical and surgical eye disease.

Our aim with the inaugural ASO World Ophthalmologist Day?

•    raise the profile of Australian ophthalmologists
•    increase community awareness about the crucial role of ophthalmologists in eye health
•    encourage recognition and appreciation of ophthalmologists through the hashtag and campaign concept — #ThankanOphthalmologist


What does an Ophthalmologist do?
An Ophthalmologist is an eye doctor and surgeon who specialises in diagnosing and managing disorders of the eye and visual system.
In simple terms? They save the gift of sight!

How many sight-saving heroes are out there?
There are currently almost 1,100 registered Ophthalmologists in Australia.
While the practice of Ophthalmology is an extremely expensive medical specialist practice, it remains a highly competitive medical speciality. 
This is good, in that it means patients continue to be guaranteed the highest quality ophthalmic care across Australia and New Zealand. 

Why are eye surgeons the ultimate authority on eye health?
Ophthalmology requires a minimum of 12 years of tertiary study, first attaining a medical degree, completing internship and residency as a doctor, and then undertaking further specialist study as an Ophthalmologist. 
There are some conditions only their specialist-trained eye can see!


With 9 in 10 Australians reflecting that ‘sight’ is their most valued sense, it’s high time we created strong public sentiment for ophthalmologists and our sight-saving specialty!

You can show your support for our campaign by sharing your stories and photos with the hashtag — #ThankanOphthalmologist — or downloading and using the promotional materials below.